Videogame company that loves pixels and polys

Poly Peak games are made with the love for old school game mechanics and visuals. Our games are published on mobile platforms.


Our main project is SteamBoat Poly we have a lot more projects in our mind but our focus is to publish the first one PolyPeak game.
  • Videogames

    years and years on the couch doing nothing but play, is our force
  • Floppy Save

    we played on floppy disks on MacSE 30 in black & white
  • Donate

    because it is great to help us achieve our goal.
We are a small team with a lot of experience, our previous game was Child of Light has Art director & Developper. We have a passion for stylish 2D scrolling.

About Us

We are creatives without money but we have a passion for videogame and cats on youtube as all developers in the industry



Le Plateau Mont Royal. H2J 3A6 . Quebec Canada